Sunday, April 5, 2015

Willie Soon and the Petition Project

Of course, Willie Soon has been in the news lately after he was caught falsifying his research in order to produce 'deliverables' for his fossil fuel clients. But, I was doing a little work last night and came across something interesting. It turns out he was a player with the Global Warming Petition Project. He was a coauthor on a paper about it and the founder of the project is the lead author. You can read it here.

Why is this significant? Because of something the Petition Project states on its webpage:
The project has no financing whatever from industrial sources.
So, they don't receive financing from industrial sources, except for funds from the fossil fuel industry, as it turns out. I have already shown how the Petition Project is a fraud when it was submitted as proof global warming isn't real to the Global Warming Skeptic Challenge, so it isn't anything new to find out they are lying.  That has already been established. This project has been debunked many times by many people besides myself. But, it is interesting to get one more confirmation of how they are funded by the fossil fuel industry.

That shouldn't be a surprise any more than the news they are lying about it.


  1. "The project has no financing whatever from industrial sources." Its lying by omission when the money is from the fossil fuel industry and is "washed" through a 3rd party.

  2. This is the same as when Richard Lindzen kept saying he received no funds from the fossil fuel industry for his research. He conveniently failed to admit he was receiving thousands of dollars in consulting fees.

  3. Lord Monckton claimed he did that Monckton et al study in his spare time! But I wonder if you are getting a retainer, does it mean doing a study pertaining to that retainer can be called "spare time"?

  4. I wish I could get paid for my spare time.