Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Heartland is Desperate and People are Noticing

The Heartland Institute is possibly the biggest science rejecting organization involved with the climate change debate. They are the ones most heavily involved with disseminating false claims, lies and deception. To their credit, they have been very successful at this and the number of people who repeat their lies is extensive. But, there is a fight coming they are clearly worried about - Pope Francis' encyclical. This document will be released on Thursday and Heartland has already stated they will have a surprise waiting. Maybe they'll post a billboard of the Pope with the caption - "I believe in manmade climate change. Do you?"

Heartland's desperation is drawing attention. Really, guys? If climate change isn't real, what are so worried about?

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  1. Hello Dr. Keatings,

    Although I have not got the math background to be familiar with all the variables and calculations involved, it's obvious that the chances of our record breaking weather events occurring naturally, are indeed, pretty darn slim!

    I appreciate your open mindedness when seeking another way of approaching the problem, and although a 1 in 2000 chance is certainly a lot lower than your original figures, it's still large enough to deter me from placing a bet with those same odds in Las Vegas, or anywhere else, governing the outcome. That's one reason it makes no sense for deniers to ignore the odds of probability when they present one false set of data after another, in order to minimize the final outcomes. I also see that we can only expect the odds against records weather event happening by chance to go ever higher as time goes on. It really makes no sense to stand in the middle of a large field, in a thunderstorm, while holding lightning rods in each hand, and expecting to be safe from obvious peril. Yet this is the type of denial displayed by deniers around the world. What they are really doing is whistling past a graveyard at midnight instead of taking prudent measures to solve our environmental problems?