Tuesday, March 17, 2015

CO2 Level Hits Record High

The Scripps Institute of Oceanography at UC San Diego takes daily measurements of the atmospheric CO2 levels on Maua Loa, HI. This is the oldest continuous measurement of atmospheric CO2 and is known as the Keeling Curve after the Charles David Keeling who started the measurements back in the 1950s. On March 15, it measured the CO2 level to be 403.10 parts per million (ppm). This is the highest level ever recorded at Mauna Loa. But, don't worry too much, this record will be broken many times this year.


  1. Constant GardenerMarch 17, 2015 at 1:40 PM

    On my last Texas trip, the ranch owner was looking to invest $50M on a vast neighboring property. The businessmen I was with couldn't imagine how he could recover the investment. Then the guide told us the price per gallon of water sold to San Antonio from the aquifer.

    The lesson is, if you want to be rich, invest in water sources for cities. It feels immoral to me, but there it is.

  2. After the history of cities and water in California, I'm very reluctant to sell water to some city.

  3. I found a comment on another site demonstrating the pinnacle of scientific stupidity.


    No! They have tricked you. Their "NOTHING" is actually a field. And a "field" has to be made out of something. Hawking and Krauss are the worst offenders.

    Also, everyone has the wrong idea of what energy, forces and fields are.
    You cannot have energy without a mass, energy is mass vibrating.
    Energy cannot be out on its own. (a supposed mass-less particle is a particle nonetheless, but there are no mass-less particles, so that's irrelevant)

    Same thing goes for forces.
    A force is a group of particles arranged in a field pulling each other... and all of the particles absolutely have to be physically connected.

    A force (a group of connected particles) can only push very short distances and in rare circumstances like same pole magnets.

    But the point is... a force has to have particles involved.
    A force cannot be out on its own.

    Most of mainstream physics is a misconception.

    There is no such thing as pure energy.
    Again... Energy is a vibration on a particle (or particle movement).

    Can energy be converted into mass?
    Ummm... no, energy already has mass involved, it is a particle vibration or movement. There is no pure energy and you are not going to convert energy into mass.

    Think of a guitar string. If you pluck it... that is the energy. If you remove the guitar string from the scenario... can you still have the energy? No, of course not.

    Can you convert the guitar string vibration into mass? No... that is ridiculous.


    Look at what everything really is...

    Dimensions and units...
    mass = [M] = kilograms
    length = [L] = meters
    time = [T] = seconds
    frequency = [T^-1] = seconds ^-1
    speed = [L] / [T] ...... = m/s
    acceleration = [L] / [T^2] .... = m / s^2
    momentum = [M] [L] / [T] ... = kg_m / s
    force = [M] [L] / [T^2] . = kg_m / s^2
    energy = [M] [L^2] / [T^2] = kg_m^2 / s^2

    Notice mass [M] is not equal to energy [M] [L^2] / [T^2] ...the vibration is missing

    Here is what Einsteins famous equation really looks like...

    [M] [L^2] / [T^2] = [M] [L^2] / [T^2]

    Energy already is a mass times speed^2.

    How would you go about converting a mass times speed^2 into a mass times speed^2.