Friday, April 10, 2015

Despite Drought, California Does Business As Usual

Sometimes you have to wonder what is going through people's heads. Then it comes to you. Oh, yeah. It's about the short-term money.

As we know, California is under a historically bad drought and it is going to get worse before it gets better. Some day, the rain and snow will return to California and people will say, 'See! It was just a cycle.' But, this is just the beginning. Droughts like this will be hitting California more often in the future. So, it would seem to make sense you would start to change your pattern of behavior. But, that would mean taking a short-term sacrifice for the long-term gain and we are not well-programmed for that.

California's agriculture is an example. Crops are going unplanted because of a lack of water. Farmers that do have water are not planting because they can make more money selling their water than they could off the crops. Orchards are dieing due to lack of water. Fisheries are drying up. The list goes on. So, what do they do? They are growing and exporting water-intensive crops such as alfalfa and almonds. And, they are sending them overseas. It would be bad enough if they were using the crops in-state, or maybe a nearby state. That would at least keep the water in the area. Instead, they are exporting these crops to China.

I understand the issue of jobs and economy. The farmers have to make a living and the state wants to keep the jobs. No problem. But, if an industry is going to die, doesn't it make sense to make the changes when you can instead of waiting until you are forced to change? And, if you make the changes when you can, you are more likely to have the money needed. But, if you wait, your financial resources will wilt away before you make the plunge. So, by acting this way, farmers are ensuring their future failure.

And, that is climate change denial in a nutshell. I guess I should say in an almond shell.


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