Friday, April 19, 2019

OMG! Did the fraud Tim Ball really say that?

Possibly the biggest tandem of frauds in the entire anti-science domain of climate change deniers consists of the paid shills of Tim Ball and Tom Harris. It is well documented that they repeatedly make false claims, use false logic, use fake evidence while making their deceptive claims. A court in British Columbia dismissed a libel suit against Ball because it found his credibility was so low no rational person would believe anything he said.

And yet, these two continue.

One of Ball's fraudulent claims is the he is a climatologist, taught in the climatology department at the University of Winnipeg, and was the first climatologist in Canada (and one of the first in the world). In fact, he's a geographer, there was no such department at Winnipeg when he was there and he has no background related to climate science.

In other words, he just made it up to make himself look credible. It is truly ironic that these kinds of actions actually lower his credibility. Now, he's made this amazing statement on Watt's Up With That? (itself a zero-credibility website):
The latest well-known person exploited in this way is documentary producer Sir David Attenborough, who was taken in by the false story of anthropogenic global warming (AGW). It appears he let his socialist views over-ride any sense of science he might have. The trouble is he doesn’t appear to have any science training. He is an English Grammar School graduate who identifies himself as a naturalist. This is like the practice of people identifying themselves as environmentalists. 
Unbelievably ... oh, wait! We're talking about Tim Ball, so it is believable ... he is criticizing Attenborough for claiming to be a naturalist when he has only a grammar school education and "doesn't appear to have any science training." Yes, the guy who makes false claims about his own background is criticizing someone else on this basis.

But, wait! It gets better. This from Wikipedia, which states that Attenborough:
won a scholarship to Clare College, Cambridge in 1945, where he studied geology and zoology and obtained a degree in natural sciences.

And, from Attenborough's biography:
after graduating from high school he was awarded a scholarship to study the natural sciences at the University of Cambridge.
In fact, unlike Ball, Attenborough really does have the degree he claims.

We can at least credit Ball with being entertaining. Stupid, but entertaining.