Challenge Submissions

The following is a list of all challenges I received in response to the Global Warming Skeptic Challenge, including a few postings that were not a result of a specific challenge but were as a result of multiple comments on the subject.  I have added a short synopsis under each entry to describe the basis of claim.
Chris Keating

1. There Has Been No Warming
The claim here is that there has been no warming for the last several years, therefore manmade global warming does not exist.

2. Wood Found Under Glaciers
This claim is that wood has been found where glaciers have receded, showing the area currently covered by the glacier was once ice free. Thus, there were warm periods in the past before manmade emissions and the claim is this proves the current warming trend is just a naturally occurring warming cycle.

3. Naturally Occurring Cycles Are Not Responsible For Today's Warming
I received so many claims concerning past warm periods being proof manmade global warming is not real that I wrote a posting on just this one topic.

4. AMO
The claim here is that the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation is responsible for global warming, not manmade emissions.

5. CO2 Not the Cause
The claim here concerns the extinction distance of CO2 in the atmosphere. Given the extinction distance for CO2, the claim is adding more CO2 will not increase how much IR radiation is absorbed. Therefore, CO2 cannot be the cause of global warming.

6. EU2014
EU2014 is a sensationalistic conference claiming we are headed into a new ice age.

7. 10 Facts and 10 Myths
The title pretty much says it all about this submission. The submitter provided what are purported to be 10 'facts' about global warming and 10 'myths', all of which are suppose to show manmade global warming is not real.

The NIPCC (Non-Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is a front organization for the Heartland Institute. NIPCC's claims were submitted as proof that manmade global warming is not real.

9. Solar System is Warming
A few select bodies in the solar system are observed to be warming. This is submitted as evidence that something besides greenhouse gases is causing global warming.

10. Empirical Evidence
The submitter attempted to make a logical argument to show CO2 is not responsible for global warming.

11. News Articles
This submission consisted of a series of links to various news articles and blog sites.

12. Composition of the Atmosphere
A mathematical analyses of the atmospheric composition attempts to show CO2 levels are inconsequential.

13. George Carlin
This is a comedy routine by George Carlin.

14. Skeptical Papers
Papers by  the Idso family and by McKittrick and Michaels are submitted as evidence.

15. The Great Ice Recovery of 2013
The claim that polar ice is at an all-time high/fully recovered has been made so many times I wrote a posting dealing with the subject.

16. Great Global Warming Swindle Film
This film was produced by a British producer and attempts to show global warming claims are all false.

17. The Cloud Mystery (Cosmic Rays)
This movie makes the case that galactic cosmic rays (GCMs) are responsible, via the level of solar activity, for global warming.
18. NOAA and IPCC
The basis of this claim is projections made concerning global warming are within the level of accuracy desired so this invalidates claims of manmade global warming. Claims that ocean warming is due to underwater volcanoes and thermal vents and global sea level rise is due to plate tectonics are also included.

19. Climate Change, Not Global Warming
The claim is that the submitter doesn't like Al Gore, climate changed in the past without mankind's contribution and there are fluctuations that have nothing to do with manmade emissions.

20. Misconceptions About Antarctica Ice
This posting was made to address claims that Antarctic ice is increasing.

21. Not Increasing CO2 Levels
The claim is that human contributions to the CO2 level are so insignificant they cannot be lead to changes in the climate.

22. Roy Spencer's 2011 Paper
Spencer's paper, published in 2011, is submitted as proof.

23. Critical Remarks on AGW
The claim here is the equations of heat diffusion are invalid and this invalidates claims of global warming.

24. GHE is a Hoax
This basis of this claim is that there is no such thing as a greenhouse effect, therefore, there can be no manmade global warming.

25. No Evidence
The submitter claims manmade global warming cannot be real because not all scientists agree.

26. AGW Hoax
This submission deals mostly with the claim that AGW isn't real because of the politics involved. He also discusses warming solar system bodies and the heat island effect.

27. Increasing CO2 Has No Effect
This was an experiment where the submitter ran his car until the tank of gas was consumed and compared global average temperature before and after.

28. Greenhouse Gases
An involved submission that disputes a small amount of CO2 can have any affect on the climate, ice is melting due to underwater volcanoes, and that we are too small to make a difference.

29. How it Started: John Coleman
This is a video by a TV weatherman that claims 'global warming isn't happening and never will.'

30. Logical Reasoning
The claim here is that as the rate of CO2 increase goes up, the rate of temperature increase goes down.

31. Clean Air Act
The claim here is that the U.S. and Europe decreased the amount of sulfur compounds in the air as a result of the Clean Air Act. Since sulfur compounds in the atmosphere act to cool global temperature, decreasing the levels of sulfur compounds will result in rising temperatures.

32. CO2 Doesn't Trap Heat
This claim is there can be no manmade global warming because CO2 doesn't trap heat.

33. Scientific Method Cannot Be Used
The scientific method cannot be used to prove manmade global warming is not real and 'manmade global warming' is not clearly defined.

34. Black Bodies
The ocean is treated as a black body (perfect absorber and emitter of radiation) in this submission and the claim is that the atmosphere cannot warm the oceans. This is actually a repeat of number 24.

35. Sea Ice is Growing
In the submitter's words, sea ice is growing and weather is cyclical.

36. ATS- Insufficient Heat Is Stored
This submission consisted of calculating how much heat was being stored in the atmosphere and attempted to show this amount of energy was insufficient to cause the observed global warming.

37. Magnetic Poles
The claim in this submission is that the planet's magnetic poles are shifting and this is causing the observed global warming.

38. Radiative Model
A duplicate of submission number 34 (and number 24).

39. CO2 Is Not Dangerous
This one had multiple claims. The first being since CO2 is made of carbon and oxygen, both of which are harmless, then CO2 itself must be harmless. The second claim is a mathematical exercise to show the total area of all pipes worldwide emitting greenhouse gases is insignificantly small compared to the size of the planet, therefore the amount of greenhouse gas emissions must be insignificant.

40. Glass Jar Experiment
This submission referred to some poorly defined experiments that the submitter never actually performed. He also objected to the challenge and cited the JunkScience Ultimate Global Warming Challenge as an alternative challenge.

41. Sea Ice
Sea ice is not trending downwards and computer models are not meeting expectations.

42. Heat Capacity
The heat capacity of CO2 is less than air, so the ability of the atmosphere to absorb heat will actually decrease as the CO2 level increases.

43. Glaciation Cycle
There is a 12,500-year cyclic period to ice ages and we are heading into a new ice age. Also, the geographic poles have reversed in the past due to build-up of ice.

44. Climate Change Expert
This is a duplicate of submission number 37.

45. Henry's Pool Tables
This submission used 54 selected data points to show that the climate science centers were in error with their calculations.

46. Change in Temperature Over Change in Time
The claim is that the rate of change of temperature divided by the rate of change of time shows that CO2 cannot be responsible for global warming.

47. Interglacial
We are overdue for a new ice age.

48. Mountain Valleys
Some mountain valleys have not exhibited warming relative to the 1950s temperature record.

49. Basic CO2 Forcing Issue
A mathematical treatment of CO2 doubling leads to the conclusion that CO2 cannot cause global warming.

50. Issue With Central CO2 "Evidence"
The correlation between temperature rise and CO2 levels raises doubts.

51. Petition Project
The Petition Project is an effort to get signatures from scientists to sign a petition that says manmade global warming is not real.

52. Ocean Warming is Due to Volcanoes
Underwater volcanoes are responsible for ocean warming.

53. Antarctic Ice
Claims concerning the Antarctic Peninsula in particular and Antarctic ice in general are incorrect.

54. Greenhouse Gases Are Cleaned Out
CO2 condenses in the atmosphere and precipitates out.

55. There Is No Average Temperature
Scientists don't follow the scientific method, data is not available and climate models are invalid.

56. Ice Core Issues
All of the science associated with ice cores is in error. Ice ages occur on a regular cycle and we are due for the next one.

57. The Man Made Global Warming Hoax Film
This was a repeat of submission number 16.

58. The Electric Field
Plasma from the Sun follows electric field lines into our atmosphere and is responsible for global warming.

59. Rejected by the Evidence
Issues with forecasts of future effects invalidates manmade global warming claims.

60. JoNova's Proof
It takes only one experiment to disprove a theory.

61. Same Old Claims
A repackaging of claims about no heating, climate models are wrong and the oceans are not rising.

62. Solar System Activity
Global warming is caused by the solar poles and planetary alignments.

63. Null Hypothesis
There has been no unprecedented behavior in the climate, therefore, the null hypothesis decrees manmade global warming is not real.

64. Hummingbirds
This submission was a challenge to me to prove hummingbirds aren't causing global warming. The submitter said he would pay me $30,000 if I could. I did, he didn't.

65. WUWT
A graphic made by Roy Spencer, and posted on WUWT!, showing climate model performance is submitted as proof that manmade global warming is not real.

66. SO2 Resubmission
This is a resubmission of submission number 31 with additional references included.

67. CO2 Fraud
CO2 causes cooling, not warming

68. Taking Keating Seriously
IPCC statements are prima facie unscientific.

69. False Logic
This submission claims the challenge is false logic. Therefore, manmade global warming is not real.

70. A Scientific Examination of AGW
This submission states the laws of thermodynamics are violated and climate models do not include the oceans.

71. No Change In Temperature Rate
The claim is the rate of change in the temperature rise was the same before 1950 as it has been after 1950, thus proving manmade global warming is not real.

72. Falsified AGW
A comparison of temperature changes during periods of low-CO2 to periods of high-CO2 leads the submitter to claim manmade global warming is not real.

73. CO2 Levels Climbing But Not Temperature
Record levels of CO2 emissions with a steady temperature shows manmade global warming is not real.

74. Simplest Climate Model
This claim seems to be the same as one previously submitted, number 72.

75. Humans or Nature? 
The premise of this submission is that the majority of climate change is due to natural causes, therefore, humans cannot be blamed.

76. Agenda 21
Agenda 21 is a claim that the U.N. is using the Rio de Janeiro agreement as a vehicle to take away the freedoms of U.S. citizens.

77. Thermal Emissions
Global warming is caused by human's thermal emissions.

78. Patrick Moore
The co-founder of Greenpeace has made several comments against manmade global warming.

79. Moon Gets Hotter
Global warming is false because the Moon, with no atmosphere, gets hotter during the daytime than Earth does, with an atmosphere.

80. CO2 Doesn't Trap Heat
There can be no manmade global warming because CO2 doesn't trap heat.

81. Reduced Transpiration
Increased CO2 leads to reduced transpiration which leads to global cooling.

82. External Factors
Connections with the universe outside of the planet's environment have an affect here.

83. Challenge Is A Scam
Global warming is not real because the Global Warming Challenge was a scam.

84. Lack Of Evidence
There is no indisputable evidence that global warming is real. Therefore, it is not real.

85. Thought Experiment
There is no 'manmade' global warming because something else caused us to emit greenhouse gases.

86. Let's Talk About Computer Models
A post I wrote to address issues that are frequently raised concerning computer models.


  1. $30,000 Challenge Submission - 12,500 Year Glaciation Cycle

    I submitted my challenge on the second comment page. I have found that we are at the cusp of a 12,000 - 12,500 year cycle of glaciation. The mass of one ice cap decreases while the other one increases. This happens like clockwork every 12,000+ years and causes everything we are witnessing today. The last ones to witness this cycle were the mammoths and they weren't driving cars or manafacturing gas grills . I made a pdf but I then converted it to a video for easier linking. Please submit my video to the challenge. Here are the links:

    (Disclaimer: I believe mankind can and does influence the weather, but it's not what we are witnessing right now. It's much bigger and it's out of our hands)

    1. I have your submission and will respond as quickly as I can. It is called "$30,000 Challenge Submission - Glaciation Cycle" and is listed here on the Challenge Submissions page so you can keep track of it.

    2. My proof hinges on this scenario:

      Let's say you have a giant boulder in a field and the farmers need to move it in order to plow. 15 really strong farmers and a few oxen start to move the boulder out of the way. One of the farmer's very young sons runs up and starts to push on the boulder as it is slowly being moved. The farmers laugh and the local paper claims "LOCAL BOY MOVES BOULDER". Now, it's true that the boy was pushing on that rock and it is true that rock was moving. What isn't true is that the boy was mostly responsible for moving that giant rock. In fact, he only played a small part.

      That is the basis of my hypothesis.

    3. I will keep that in mind when I respond.

    4. This just in (Today):

    5. Yes. It might change in a thousand years instead of 10,000. It is highly unlikely to happen within our lifetimes.

    6. It's happeneing now. Aside from that, in response to your attempted assesment of my findings.... You make the mistake of looking at the "globe" as a whole during this cyclic event. You have to break it down by hemisphere and by season. The reason one ice cap melts and forms on the other side of the planet is because of our elliptical orbit around the sun and our planet's ~25,000 year wobble. This time around, the north pole is losing mass while the south pole is gaining mass. 12,500 years ago it was the opposite scenario and the mammoths were freeze dried. When science ignores ancient records and timekeeping, it shuts its eyes to the solution.

    7. Actually, the Antarctica is losing mass. The sea ice extent is increasing, but the land ice sheet is losing billions of tons of ice every year, more than enough to offset the seasonal ice sheet. If you are going to believe in the historical record, make sure you have the current science. A 1900 document doesn't prove anything.

  2. I Challenge you Christopher Keating.

    I bet my house if you are prepared to match it.

    However you will not be the final judge. The science I present will speak for itself and the world will be the Judge.

    You will present your AGW hypothesis which must be based on the so called "Greenhouse Effect" hypothesis and using the scientific method I will happily and easily tear it to shreds.

    That is my challenge, what say you?

    contact Will email:

    1. I submitted my proof that man made global warming is real in my book. The premise of the book is that there is so much scientific evidence that it is real that anyone can now prove it, not just scientists, and the only way to deny global warming is to deny science. I stand by that claim. You don't need to bet your house, you can purchase the ebook on Amazon or Barnes and Noble for $2.99.

    2. I presented my evidence. I do not need to get into every challenge that deniers make, You have rejected science and reason and there is no possible way to ever get you to change your mind. It is a religion to you, something you accept on faith in defiance of all evidence to the contrary. Ask yourself one question, what could anyone possibly say or do to make you change your mind? I bet the answer is, nothing.

      Your challenge proves nothing on the subject. If you feel so strongly, submit your scientific proof to my challenge. It will cost you nothing.

    3. There you go again Chris. Telling me what I think and what I believe.

      Just to be clear on subject of beliefs. I have none. There are things I know and there are things I don't know. There is nothing I believe. At least not in the context that you have erroneously implied.

      As I have already pointed out, there is ZERO empirical evidence to support the "GHE" hypothesis, let alone the "AGW" hypothesis. That is why they both remain, after billions and billions of dollars fraudulently squandered brainwashing the public to accept as "settled science", HYPOTHESES.

      Now to your question "what could anyone possibly say or do to make you change your mind? I bet the answer is, nothing."

      Wrong again Chris.

      It is quite simple, provide empirical evidence to show that the so called "greenhouse effect" actually exists.

      That is all I need Chris, go for it!

      However, please be aware that when I refute what you are saying, the first time you resort to logical fallacies, you loose. The first time you resort to contradicting reality, you lose. The first time you lie or cheat, you lose. The first time you sensor my responses, you lose.

      The current value of my un-morgaged house, you match it. That sir, is my challenge to you.

      Again, what say you?

    4. How many times do you need to be told I am not interested. Your challenge and statements have no bearing or relevance to what this challenge is about. I let you have your say, now stop trolling or I'll just spam you.

    5. Why do you accuse me of "trolling".

      I have challenged you to a debate. I have offered you the prize of my un-morgaged property if you win. You are so sure of your science and you stand to gain an easy $400,000 dollars if you win.

      Yet rather than take me up on the challenge you threaten to sensor me.

      You lost before you even began Chris.

      The point I'm making to you Chris is that the so called "greenhouse effect" on which the AGW hypothesis is based, is an hypothesis and therefore the onus is on you to provide empirical evidence to confirm the hypothesis as fact.

      I have simply said that I can refute this AGW hypothesis with ease and I challenge you to debate me on the matter as you have challenged the so called "sceptics" or as you seem to prefer "deniers", to prove AGW does not exists.

      You are saying that those who dispute the AGW hypothesis, in doing so have formulated there own hypothesis and therefore they need to prove it.

      Well Chris I'm afraid that is just a circular argument. A logical fallacy.

      You first need to prove the AGW hypothesis. Until you do that, you have nothing. The world knows it, only you "scientists" seem to be in denial of that.

      I ask you for empirical evidence of the so called "greenhouse effect", you threaten to sensor me.

      You loose.

    6. I accuse you of trolling because you are making nonsense comments for the purpose of hijacking the blog and taking up my time.

    7. No Chris that is not the case at all. You asked me the following question, quote:

      "what could anyone possibly say or do to make you change your mind? I bet the answer is, nothing."

      And I replied, quote:

      "It is quite simple, provide empirical evidence to show that the so called "greenhouse effect" actually exists."

      I will refute any and all evidence you present in support of the so called "GHE" in a fair and open debate.

      If I loose you win the value of my property which is approximately $400,000.

      If you loose, you pay me the same.

      That doesn't sound like "nonsense" to me Chris, I don't see how I could make myself any clearer.

  3. DR. Keating

    I do not find my June 28, 12:33 challenge submission on your listing of Challenges received, and no discussion of it. .What is going on?

    Burl Henry

    1. Yours is there and is called "$30,000 Challenge Submission - Clean Air Act" and has only two in front of it. I am trying to do them in order of submission, so yours should be done this weekend.

  4. Mr. Keating, here is my $1m challenge for you:

    Prior to 1970s, global surface temperatures were measured to 1 degree Celsius. Proponents of climate warming claim global temperature rising of fractions of a degree.

    How can you extrapolate into the past beyond 1960s to a fraction of a degree, given that we don't have global surface temperatures measured to that accuracy?

    Or: why don't you just admit you're pulling the rabbit out of the top-hat?

    1. Are you making a submission to my challenge? Or, are you trying to use my blog to make your own challenge?

    2. Since it's not obvious at all from your blog how to actually make a submission to your challenge, I had no choice but to put it here. Sorry if that's not the appropriate way or place for submitting.

      So yes, that was/is my challenge submission. The price is meant to be sarcastic of course; it may as well read $1 instead of $1m, since the so-called man-made global warming is the hoax of the century anyway. You have no scientific way of proving otherwise.

      Thanks for considering the above submission.

    3. Since it's not obvious at all from your blog how to actually make a submission to your challenge, I had no choice but to put it here. Sorry if that's not the appropriate way or place for submitting.

      So yes, that was/is my challenge submission. The price is meant to be sarcastic of course; it may as well read $1 instead of $1m, since the so-called man-made global warming is the hoax of the century anyway. You have no scientific way of proving otherwise.

      Thanks for considering the above submission.

  5. Since it's not obvious at all from your blog how to actually make a submission to your challenge, I had no choice but to put it here. Sorry if that's not the appropriate way or place for submitting.

    So yes, that was/is my challenge submission. The price is meant to be sarcastic of course; it may as well read $1 instead of $1m, since the so-called man-made global warming is the hoax of the century anyway. You have no scientific way of proving otherwise.

    Thanks for considering the above submission.