Thursday, May 3, 2012

Global Warming Doesn't Help Plants

One of the claims by global warming deniers is that as global temperatures rise higher temperatures will stimulate plants to grow and they will keep the temperature level from rising more by absorbing carbon dioxide. Of course, this is a rather amazing claim by people that say global warming doesn't exist. They are really playing both sides of the coin here. They want to say global warming doesn't exist, but is good for plants at the same time. How could it be good for plants if it isn't happening?

Well, that is no longer a problem because research has found that global warming isn't good for plants, after all. In a study funded by the National Science Foundation scientists subjected four grassland ecosystems to simulated global warming conditions. What they found was the plant growth was initially increased, but this decreased over time until the benefits disappeared completely.

Global warming deniers can now relax. They no longer have to make the contradictory statement that global warming will help plants when they claim it doesn't even exist. The fact is, it does exist and it isn't good for the plants.

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