Thursday, May 24, 2012

More information on spring blooming

One of the things that has been noted about climate change is the fact that most plants are blooming in the spring much earlier than they use to. Sometimes, this early blooming is weeks earlier than records indicate it should be. But, about a quarter of plants don't follow this pattern. In fact, there are some plants that are blooming later than they use to. This really hasn't been a problem and has been viewed as an example of evolution at work - those species that adapt most readily are the ones most likely to survive.

Now, more information has been revealed about the late-blooming plants. It has been noted that the late bloomers are actually dependent on the fall temperatures. They need a cold fall and winter to set their time tables. When the fall and winter are too mild their clocks are off.

One of the interesting things about this research that isn't mentioned is that this is one more example of how more knowledge always confirms global warming. At first, these 25% of plants that were not blooming early seemed to be an exception to the changing climate observations. But, more investigation showed that they were actually responding to climate change, they were just doing it in a different way.

Apparently, you can fool a lot of people that climate change is not real, but no amount of false arguments are going to fool the plants. They know climate change is real.

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