Saturday, July 28, 2012

Himalayan glaciers really are melting

Climate change deniers like to jump on the smallest discrepancy in the scientific evidence as proof that the science is wrong. One of their favorite topics concerns melting of the glaciers in the Himalaya Mountains. There was an error in the last IPCC report and they repeatedly pull this out as proof of their claims, even though the error was minor. But, as a result of this they have been claiming the glaciers are not melting at all. Well, the science doesn't support them.

A new study released in Nature Climate Change where the authors report
Here we report on the glacier status over the past 30 years by investigating the glacial retreat of 82 glaciers, area reduction of 7,090 glaciers and mass-balance change of 15 glaciers. Systematic differences in glacier status are apparent from region to region, with the most intensive shrinkage in the Himalayas (excluding the Karakorum) characterized by the greatest reduction in glacial length and area and the most negative mass balance. 
This is pretty damning evidence for the people that claim there is no melting of the glaciers. Melting of glaciers requires warming. And, of course, the deniers want to deny there is any warming. Unfortunately, the evidence keeps piling up to show they are wrong and are just busy misleading the public.

Also unfortunately, while we are busy arguing about this the people that depend on these glaciers for their lives will be suffering.

Once again, the only way you can deny global climate change is to deny science.

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