Thursday, June 26, 2014

Solar System is Warming

Dr. Keating,

Planets and moons all over the solar system are warming up.

Please send me my $10k now.

  1. If this is an honest submission, I will treat it as such. Just let me know. Otherwise, I will assume it is just a comment because there really isn't a proof here. Even is what you were saying is true, this one line wouldn't suffice. But, be aware this has already been well debunked.
  2. This is absolutely honest.

    I would love to hear this "thorough debunking". The evidence for solar activity causing the warming of planetary bodies in the solar system is overwhelming. Further, we're seeing a cooling happening now, right on cue with the end/beginning of a solar cycle. Astronomers know about this, why don't climatologists? I really have no interest in sending you articles that you could very easily find yourself.

    With evidence such as the correlation of solar activity to planetary temperature changes, you couldn't possibly say that our planet is warming due to human activity. It is a belief you hold and is no more scientific than an atheist saying that he/she knows that there is no God.

    It is not my intention to insult you so I apologize if I did. But your belief in man made climate change is more powerful than the science. It is clouding your judgement.

    Waiting for that $10k...

    My credentials: physicist, astrophysics background, astronomer in my early career

    Some data shows some of the bodies in the solar system are warming. In a nutshell, this rates a big, 'so what?' There are hundreds of large bodies in the solar system. It is to be expected that some will be warming and some will be cooling all the time, simply because of the seasonal changes on those planets as they orbit the Sun.

    Mars is warming because of Milankovitch cycles. I find this to be very ironic because so many deniers use this as an excuse for our warming trend. Now, we really do have it on Mars. Here is a good site about Milankovitch cycles in general and Mars in particular.

    Jupiter is warming through normal season changes.

    Saturn's moon Titan is going through normal seasonal changes.

    What would have been very interesting is if we didn't find any bodies getting warmer. What has been done is to grab a handful of data and cherry pick some bodies to get what they want. If the solar system is warming, why aren't all of the bodies in the solar system getting warmer?

    So, a handful of bodies out of hundreds are selected without any comments on all of the other bodies. To top it off, we know why several of those bodies are warming.

    This does not approach a proof that man made global warming is not real.


  1. I feel you should have mention the total solar irradiance.

    1. I probably should. The total solar irradiance has been decreasing for several decades, so you can't blame any heating of any planet as being caused by an increase in solar activity. Thanks for bring that up.

  2. Why are you bothering with more submissions? I've already won. Unless maybe you want to give every right answer ten thousand?

    1. The right answer based on feelings? No thats not how the real world works, you dont pass a science test just because you feel every answer is A.

    2. 'The right answer based on feelings?'

      Well, that's what Chris Keating seems to think. Have a look the the AMO post.

    3. Please do. Be sure to read Rum Runners comments:

  3. Starting from a small scale ...
    In cities, the temperature is higher than the temperature in the same climate. The world's largest metropolises can be up to 10-15 degrees Celsius warmer than the adjoining rural areas. The hottest point of the town is usually the center, dominated by compact construction, and green areas are kept to a minimum.
    Temperature in Wroclaw (May 2001)
    Agglomeration is affected by a change in temperature - the basic component of the climate. Thus, man is the cause of local climate change. The more local changes to the greater their influence on the global change. The human impact on the climate is obvious, its scale is debatable, but you can not deny it!