Thursday, June 5, 2014

Deniers Only Want to Censor

One of the complaints deniers make is that they only want to engage in a debate and claim they are being shut out by the scientific community. I have always observed that this is not true and could give many examples to support that statement, but I'll give you just the most recent example. No, I'm not doing this to bash deniers. That is something I enjoy doing, but the purpose is to illustrate that the scientific community is more than willing to discuss the issues with anyone, including deniers. It is the deniers that are not interested in discussing the science. Their response is merely to censor anyone that supports their beliefs.

I was in a community on Google+ and a denier by the name of Cyrus Manz had this graphic on his posting:

Cute, but a completely false argument on the part of global warming deniers. I posted a comment about why it is a false argument. No one is claiming CO2 is a major part of the atmosphere, but at the same time it is well established science that a small amount of chemical can have effects far beyond its mass percentage. I made the analogy of pain killers and pointed out two Aleve tablets have a mass of 440 mg while I have a mass of about 88 kg. The two pain killers then have a mass that is about .0004% of my body mass, and yet that small amount of chemical can relieve my pain for 12 hours.

He replied:

Cyrus Manz
Your irrelevant parallel to describe the role of CO2 in climate temperatures is what's abjectly FALSE here my friend:-)
He also posted,

Please reference a single piece of scientific proof that explicitly places CO2 as the driver for global average temperatures.
If you can't (which I am confident you can't) then you need to delete your own comment along with an apology, or you will be removed from this community.
Thank you.
So, already, he has shown that all he wants to do is censor any opposing statements that don't support his world viewpoint. I responded by providing a link to Skeptical Science that gives a very good discussion of CO2 in the atmosphere:

So, to be clear, Mr. Manz demanded that I provide 'a single piece of scientific proof' about the role of CO2 in the atmosphere, which I did. And that wasn't enough for him, or to more correct, it wasn't what he wanted to see. What he responded with was this:

Cyrus Manz
Our entire planet's atmosphere contains less than 0.04% CO2 (or Carbon Dioxide)....
Humans currently contribute an additional 0.002% to atmospheric CO2.
Come and see how you have been duped by climate change disinformation.
https :// ommunities/105386304 309909999553
I stated this was the what the fossil fuel funded denier industry wants people to believe. These are people that do not have our best interest at heart and only want to take our money. Why in the world should we believe anything they say?

His response?

Cyrus Manz
You clearly do not understand the [purpose of being a community member.
Goodbye troll.
At which point he disenrolled me from the community and spammed my comments.

So, where was the debate that Mr. Manz and other deniers keep claiming they want?

But, there is more to this story. This is an earlier comment Mr. Manz made on the same post:

Cyrus Manz
Yesterday 9:37 AM
We know that there is not a single self respecting scientist that can claim to have scientific proof of man-made climate change.
But maybe you do. Let us hear it.
But, Mr. Manz, when a "self-respecting" scientist shows up to show you scientific proof you call him a 'troll' and censor him. So much for "Let us hear it."

One last comment. In case you think I'm misinterpreting things, this is the comment Mr. Manz made after banning me:

Cyrus Manz
We run the community for the sole purpose of advancing our cause, not theirs.
We engage in opposing discussions outside but the community provides a safe haven for us, free from trolls.
Notice the use of the term 'trolls' again. Anyone that doesn't subscribe to his world view is a 'troll' and is to be censored. While he isn't man enough to listen to the scientific evidence, at least he admits he's not man enough.

I'm sorry for Mr. Manz and anyone else that has fallen for the psedo-science of global warming denial. There is nothing I can do for them. They are lost minds and can't be saved. But, for those of you that haven't made up your mind yet and are wondering about what is going on, take a look at what was going on here with Mr. Manz and avoid shutting down your thought processes like this. If you want to be a denier that is your business, but at least don't stop thinking or listening.

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