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Glaciation Cycle

$30,000 Challenge Submission - 12,500 Year Glaciation Cycle

I submitted my challenge on the second comment page. I have found that we are at the cusp of a 12,000 - 12,500 year cycle of glaciation. The mass of one ice cap decreases while the other one increases. This happens like clockwork every 12,000+ years and causes everything we are witnessing today. The last ones to witness this cycle were the mammoths and they weren't driving cars or manafacturing gas grills . I made a pdf but I then converted it to a video for easier linking. Please submit my video to the challenge. Here are the links:

(Disclaimer: I believe mankind can and does influence the weather, but it's not what we are witnessing right now. It's much bigger and it's out of our hands)

My proof hinges on this scenario:

Let's say you have a giant boulder in a field and the farmers need to move it in order to plow. 15 really strong farmers and a few oxen start to move the boulder out of the way. One of the farmer's very young sons runs up and starts to push on the boulder as it is slowly being moved. The farmers laugh and the local paper claims "LOCAL BOY MOVES BOULDER". Now, it's true that the boy was pushing on that rock and it is true that rock was moving. What isn't true is that the boy was mostly responsible for moving that giant rock. In fact, he only played a small part.

That is the basis of my hypothesis.


I am not totally sure what your submission is about. The best I can come up with is that you are saying man made global warming isn't real because there is a 12,500 year cycle to ice ages. By your very argument, AGW is real because, according to you, we are heading into a new ice age and your claim would require something to be making it warm up in opposition to this new ice age that is starting.

In any event, there is no credibility to your claim of a 12,500 year cycle of glaciation. The references you present certainly don't fall under the category of scientific evidence to support your claim. You produced some documents that may, or may not, have been scientific reports, but they were from 1900, 1926, 1928 and 1951. The progress of science has been astounding since those dates and we now understand vastly more than they did back then. As an example, plate tectonics and continental drift were just beginning to appear on the scene in the 1950s.  The other documents you produced were a mixture of New Age hookum and some religious texts. Not what I would consider to be anything credible (nor would any other scientist).

You produced a figure about the ice caps about how one is growing while the other is shrinking. Well, one is in summer and the other is in winter, so we would expect to see them doing the opposite. You also cite the Younger Dryas and I am not sure why. If anything, that goes to show your claim is not valid because the Dryas occurred when a glacier melted and released a giant lake into the Atlantic Ocean. This occurred about 12,500 years ago, right when you claim the glaciers were suppose to be growing, not melting.

The geographic poles do not flip. The magnetic poles do, but not the geographic ones. The last full flip was a very peculiar one and happened about 41,000 years ago, The reason it is peculiar is that it lasted only a few hundred years before flipping back. Normally, they take thousands of years to occur. The last major flip was about 780,000 years ago. You showed a source referring to the Gothenburg Magnetic Excursion. An excursion is an event that disrupts the field, but is not a reversal. We can be pretty sure this was not a reversal because we can see the magnetic fields before and after the event were both pointing in the same direction. If it had been a flip they would have been pointing in different directions. 

So, your claim of a 12,500 year cycle of glaciation is not valid. I never did see a claim on how this proves man made global warming isn't real, but as I said above, it actually would be proof of the reality of AGW.

You did not prove man made global warming is not real.

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