Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Increasing CO2 Has No Effect

Challenge accepted:
Steps to the scientific method
• Ask a Question
• Do Background Research
• Construct a Hypothesis
• Test Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment
• Analyze Your Data and Draw a Conclusion
• Communicate Your Results

Question-Using the scientific method, prove that man-made global climate change is not occurring, Is it possible?
Research- Those who believe the man’s actions can cause the globe to warm, derive this hypothesis from the idea that with an increase in CO2 gases, the sun’s heat is trapped and radiated on to the Earth’s surface. I have not been able to find a signed, published and accredited theory based on an actual experiment with empirical evidence to date, only hypotheses (I think this would be plural).
My Hypothesis- I think that if I were to increase CO2 production, that there will be not direct effect on the earth’s global temperature. If my experiment is successful I will prove man-made global warming does not exist.
Experiment- I filled my vehicles fuel tank to the full mark. I then drove my vehicle over live grass (which consumes CO2) while hyperventilating (two part; consumed air diluting oxygen and expelled global warming CO2) until my fuel tank was empty.
Data and Conclusion- Global Average temperature remained even. I feel that I certainly increased CO2 production. Based on the Scientific Method and considering the results of my experiment; man-made CO2 does not lead to global warming.
Until proven otherwise via the scientific method; I will assert that my theory, that man-made global warming is not occurring.


How do you know you did not increase the global average temperature? Did you have any scientific instruments sensitive enough to measure the effect of your emissions on the temperature? Did you take into account any extraneous issues that could skew the results? Did you make your experiment available to others so they could repeat it to compare their results with yours?

You did not follow the scientific method and you did not prove man made global warming does not exist.

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