Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Personal Attacks are NOT Proof

Apparently, deniers are of the thought that attacking anyone that opposes their mindset constitutes proof that man made global warming is not real. I have shown some of comments that I have received (I am avoiding the most offensive ones) below. This is just a sampling. There are a lot more and many of them are much more offensive than these. Also, note how many of them are posted anonymously. If they were credible, why don't they show themselves? And, don't go on about how you might not be able to post with your name because you can certainly sign it. Many of the anonymous posters do just that.

The question is, how do these personal attakcs fit in the debate? How does attacking me, or any other scientist, prove their point? Obviously, it doesn't. Global warming will be the same with, or without, me. So, by attacking me, or any other supporter of the science, what they are really doing is being bullies. They are trying to intimidate any opposition to the point no one will stand up against them, then they will have the public stage all to themselves.

To keep the record straight, there are many that have been very civil, even friendly. Just because we differ in our stand doesn't mean we have to resort to personal attacks.

The key point to remember is that personal attacks are not proof of their claims. And, if they had proof, why are they resorting to all of these personal attacks?

Just asking.


This is bullshit. How could one submit anything using a scientific method if the determination of plausibility/proof, will be decided by one who has already concluded that its impossible to prove? This is what is wrong with mainstream science. That is, the oligarchy of scientific opinions (The people getting funding to further elite agendas) start with a bias. How can you objectively review submissions if you have already concluded one way or the other? You cant. Take your ego, and preconceived notions out of this and replace it with a real appetite for truth without fear of being wrong, and you MAY be enlightened. 

I realize that you are a religious zealot, but the proof is logic.

It's gotta suck to issue a bullshit challenge and still get proven to be a bitch, eh "Doc"?

As a scientist, I must speak up here.

Dr. Keating, you are offering a reward for someone to prove the null hypothesis. No self-respecting scientist would ever do this. The default position is that climate change is NOT man-made, and it is up to anyone who would claim otherwise to present demonstrable evidence to the contrary. One cannot prove that something does not exist, and in asking someone to do so, you are incorrectly shifting the burden of proof. This is extremely unscientific -- and you should have learned this as an undergraduate.

Your offer is ridiculous, and is identical in logical structure to me offering you $10,000 if you can prove that I am not a dragon

You should be ashamed for becoming publicly recognized for this stunt. I fear for your reputation, and it is hard to imagine you will be taken seriously in the future. 

Dr. Keating, your obvious prejudice and response proves my point that your entire "contest" is like you, a fraud. Honestly, do you even have $10,000 to your name? You can't prove you have set aside $10,000 for this "contest" can you?

All you are trying to do is create a "buzz" to get your name in the press so someone will hire you to conduct bogus climate research; and to promote your book. So sad and pathetic.


How come all this prize money is not being held by an impartial third party in a bank account?

So far there is no proof, like a posted bank statement image, that any prize money is real and available. WOW! Sounds like the basis for a climate research paper! All talk and no credible proof. 

I think we need an impartial and unbiased judge for this contest! Dr. Keating, it is a fact that a judge of anything needs to be unbiased, ergo you have rigged this contest because you will never be convinced you are wrong. Sound familiar? Oh are you a "climate scientist?"

I prefer the $10,000 in $100's and $50's please, as there is no doubt in my mind your check would bounce. cottereaux@yahoo.com 

Page title: $30,000 Global Warming Skeptic Challenge II

Dr. Keating: I am announcing the start of the $10,000 Global Warming Skeptic Challenge

I see the lies began with the first line on the webpage! Yes your attention to simple details speaks volumes on your execution of the scientific method. And you want to evaluate my submission?

Hindemburg funny man! you do realize the "challenge" is designed so no one will win? this is all designed to promote Dr. Keating and create a buzz for his book, and line up those speaking engagements.

4096 characters limit?!

What is this, a Joke?

You have to play games Christopher?

I so own you, you little cheat. 

What a crock.....This guy offers a bogus challenge with no guidelines except for "Whatever he says the criteria are" How stupid. Typical liberal. Man made global warming is bogus. I will offer $30,000 to anyone who proves me wrong. I will be the final judge as to the submissions made.
  1. Jon, but he made you look! this is all a scam to create a buzz to promote his book and get paid for appearances. 


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