Wednesday, August 13, 2014

More Human Suffering Due to Climate Change

One of the big lies contrarians have adopted in recent times is that global warming is actually good for us. They told us for years that it wasn't real (Amazingly, they are now claiming they never made that claim!), but now the evidence is so overwhelming it is obvious to even a casual observer that they are lying about it. So, they are starting to abandon that claim, say they never made any such statement, and instead tell everyone that we need to be glad of global warming. It's going to be good for us! More farm land! Less winter! Better everything!

Of course, all of the science contradicts them, just as before. That is the problem when you reject science in favor of your preconceived conclusion. Take a look at the situation in California. This is just a sample of what is to come. We won't all suffer these exact same issues, but we will suffer something. Life is not going to get better with global warming, no matter how many times the contrarians tell us it will.

Now that the challenge is almost done I will be able to spend more time on other issues, such as mitigation and claims that AGW is good for us. It should be interesting. Do you think the contrarians will be willing to wade in with some comments? Or, do you think they'll sit on the sidelines because they know the science doesn't support them? One thing the challenge affirmed is that the contrarians just don't care about the science, so they won't hold off because science gets in the way.

It should be interesting.

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