Saturday, August 23, 2014

Reduced Transpiration

I propose the following:

1. Increased carbon dioxide levels reduce transpiration
2. Reduced transpiration means less atmospheric water vapor
3. Less water vapor means a smaller greenhouse effect

Now can you prove that this effect is smaller than the logarithmic warming carbon dioxide would cause by itself? If you can't then I've provided sufficient doubt that carbon dioxide will warm the planet (i.e. carbon dioxide having a net warming effect is thus not proved and should be considered false until such evidence comes in).

Thank you, the money will go towards a very good cause.


This one is rather strange and I'm not sure if it was really meant as a submission.

Transpiration is the process of movement and evaporation of water from plants. Mr. Padgett gives no reason to believe that increased CO2 levels would reduce transpiration. Certainly, he is unable to make a connection between reduced transpiration and reduced atmospheric water vapor. Even if his claim was correct, he disregards the fact that there are many ways to put water vapor in the air. But, even if he was correct on all of those things, his third point is still invalid because we don't see the world cooling, we see it warming.

So, he was wrong on all three points.

Mr. Padgett did not prove man made global warming is not real. 

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