Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Challenge Is All Done!

I have been scrubbing through the comments sections and I believe I have addressed all of the submissions. If you feel I missed your submission, you are welcome to bring it to my attention and I will fix the problem.

All total, I think there were 85 submissions that I addressed. I will make it official and say that none came even close to proving man made global warming (AGW) is not real. Some were quite interesting, but that didn't make them valid. Some were bad, some were very bad and then there were those that were just plain awful.

There were many things that became apparent during the challenge that I would like to mention:

- It is surprising how many people think that being rude and offensive towards me somehow made their submissions valid. I don't care for bullies and they quickly learned they picked a fight with the wrong person.

- It is also surprising how many people jumped to the conclusions about me and the challenge they wanted to. I found this to be a pretty common trait - these people would patiently wait until they had 10% of the information before jumping to the wrong conclusion, and that conclusion never gave me the benefit of the doubt.

- It is surprising how badly people act when they can hide behind a computer. I wonder if they would want their children/spouse/mother/father/brother/sister/boss to know how they acted on this blog. I am willing to bet right here and now that not a single one of them will come back and apologize for their behavior.

- I have said that the only way to reject AGW is to reject science. I am truly disappointed in how many people proved me right. I even had several people say that if science disagreed with them then the science had to be thrown out. Amazing!

- It was no surprise at all to see how many people rejected my response, no matter how much evidence I provided to support it. I have always said that it is not possible to change someone's mind once they reject global warming. No amount of scientific evidence or logic will change their minds. Now, they have proved it.

- It was also no surprise to see how many people that reject global warming wanted to change the terms of my challenge or to weasel out of the challenge by making ridiculous claims, such as "You can't prove a negative," or, "You didn't define what global warming is." These, and others like them, are completely false statements. If they go around saying they can prove AGW isn't real, then they should have been able to do so here. If they aren't making that statement then this challenge wasn't directed at them. Either way, trying to redefine the challenge or by making silly statements like that is nothing more than an admission that they cannot produce any science to support their claims.

- In summary, this was an honest challenge and I would have paid if anyone could have produced an scientifically sound proof. It wasn't that no one was in the ball park, it was the fact that no one could even see the ball park from where they were standing.

Now, the claim that is being made is that I reneged on the challenge because there were some that should have won. OK, once again, there are people making a statement without any evidence and I am going to put the burden on them to prove it. I am challenging these people to point out which submission should have won and why. They are making the claim, now put up or shut up. And, please don't come back with something along the lines of, "You have to throw out any science that disagrees with me."

I'll wait, but I know it will be a long one. 

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