Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Global Warming Skeptic Challenge Book Now Available

I have been working on formatting the Global Warming Skeptic Challenge for publication as a book and I am (very!) pleased to say I am done and it is now available. You can download it as a free PDF from my author webpage ( If you feel like you need to pay for it, it is available on Amazon. It was too large to put into one print version book, so the hard copy version comes in two volumes. The ebook version does not please me, but that is the problem with taking a printed page and converting it into digital format. Hopefully, no one will be buying either of them.

The book is large - over 730 pages. That includes the 86 submissions, end notes, bibliography and index. There are also a number of chapters at the beginning where I share some of my observations and experiences from the challenge.

I hope you find it a useful reference and I would enjoy hearing any comments you have to make (even negative ones).

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