Saturday, April 11, 2015

Wisconsin Joins States Banning Science

Wisconsin has joined the list of states thinking they can deal with climate change with censorship. The state Board of Commissioners of Public Lands now prohibits its members from discussing climate change. Staffers must get approval before answering any emails on global warming or climate change. The move is the result of a vendetta by State Treasurer and Republican Tea Party member Matt Adamczyk who is upset with the way the board executive secretary Tia Nelson has worked to promote climate change awareness. He previously attempted to get her fired for 'time theft' for work she did six years ago on the issue. That effort failed. Now, he's managed to get her censored, and everyone else in the board. I guess that's a consolation prize for someone who hates science.

This once again brings up the burning question - If there is no climate change, why are you so afraid of it you have to resort to censorship?

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  1. Constant GardenerApril 11, 2015 at 6:17 PM

    I feel for the science departments at University of Wisconsin. It is every bit the university that UT, Cal, UCLA and Michigan are. And now it's in a state where civilization's greatest scientific and engineering challenge may not be discussed inside the government. I understand that Republicans have convinced themselves that atmospheric physics has been hijacked to foment wealth distribution, but with no real science supporting that belief, it's idiocy. Dangerous, repressive, idiocy..