Monday, June 15, 2015

New England Breaks Heat Records

With all of the heavy snow the Northeast saw this winter, there were all sorts of pundits mocking global warming and climate change. This really demonstrated their ignorance and its easy to see why by asking a pretty simple question: How did all of the water get high in the atmosphere?

Have you ever shoveled snow? If you haven't, I can tell you it is incredibly hard work. Snow is heavy. Now, imagine square mile after square mile covered in feet of snow and you have the job of shoveling it all. In fact, you have to shovel it to a height of a few miles. No one would disagree this would take a lot of energy. So, where did all of that energy come from? (Think about it. That was not a rhetorical question.)

Of course, facts and science are not the strong points of global warming deniers. Now, the facts are biting them again and they have all run for cover. The temperatures in the Northeast (yes, the SAME Northeast) have set records for May. Take a look:

Source: NCDC
Just for the fun of it, let's do a count.

Maryland had the fourth hottest May ever recorded.

Delaware, New Jersey, and Maine all had the third hottest Mays ever recorded.

New York and Vermont had the second hottest Mays ever recorded.

Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire all set records with the hottest Mays ever recorded.

All total, 15 states in the East were much warmer than average.

That's a lot of heat.

So, where are all of those pundits now? Oh, yeah. I forgot.

Deniers melt in the heat.

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