Monday, June 22, 2015

The Death of Thousands Highlights John Coleman's Lie

One of the submissions to the Global Warming Skeptic Challenge was John Coleman's Youtube video, "How It Started." This is one of the most grossly false productions I've seen made by any of the deniers, and I have seen some real whoppers. Simply put, almost everything John Coleman says in this film is an outright lie. Of course, Coleman is associated with the Heartland Institute, so that pretty much explains it all.

Unfortunately, current events are highlighting just how much Mr. Coleman is a liar. Let me quote part of my response to his film:
I think I have shown just how this video is an absolute falsehood, from beginning to end. but there is one more statement he made that I want to address. He stated we have not had a deadly heat wave since the 1950s. This is so offensive that I have to address it.

A heat wave in New York City in 1972 killed almost 900 people.

A heat wave in 1980 killed nearly 10,000 people in the United States from a heat wave.

A 1988 U.S. heat wave killed between 5,000 and 10,000 people, although some estimates go as high as 17,000.

A 1995 heat wave in Chicago, IL led to "many deaths."

A 1999 heatwave resulted in over 500 deaths across the U.S.

But, this is just in the U.S., what about other countries?

In the heat wave of 2003 in Europe, between 46,000 and 70,000 people perished.

For Mr. Coleman to stand there and say that there have been no deadly heat waves since the 1950s is so offensive that it discredits everything he has to say (But, of course, he has no credibility remaining by this point anyway, so what's the harm in one more lie?). And, let's make sure we understand something, he started this video bragging about his credentials as a meteorologist! Are you going to believe that a meteorologist with over 30 years experience has no knowledge of these horrible heat waves and did not check his facts before making the video? I do not believe that for an instant. I believe he made his statement with deliberate intent to deceive.

John Coleman does not have a degree in science and only worked as a TV weatherman. This does not stop him from claiming to be a meteorologist and even signing the so-called Oregon Petition, which is supposed to be limited to scientists. Still, with his experience as a weatherman, there can be no doubt that he is fully aware of at least some of the listed heat waves - and those were just a sample. Now, reality strikes again.

A heat wave that is in progress in Karachi, Pakistan has already killed as many as 140 people. This record-breaking heatwave has brought temperatures as high as 112 degrees F (44.8 C). This heat wave follows right after a heat wave in India last month killed over 2300 people. Temperatures in India reached 120 degrees F and it was hot enough to melt the roads.

(UPDATE(6/23): The death toll in the Pakistan heat wave is now up to nearly 750 people, bringing the total death toll in the two heat waves to approximately 3,250 victims.)

(UPDATE (6/25): The toll from the Pakistani heat wave is over 1000 people dead and many thousands being treated at area hospitals. Between the two heat waves, approximately 3,500 people have died and tens of thousands have suffered injury.)

So, Mr. Coleman, would you like to address how approximately 2,500 people have died from heat waves in mere weeks, but you claim there have been no deadly heat waves since the 1950s? I bet you won't, for one simple reason. Consider this quote from a civil assistant surgeon:

"All they need to do is follow basic precautions like avoiding working in the sun. Not many listen. What can we do? It's a problem of poverty."
There's the key. It's the POOR people that are dying. I guess we can amend Mr. Coleman's statement to say, "No rich people have died in heat waves since the 1950s." Strangely enough, the man who submitted Mr. Coleman's video to the challenge, Patrick Stratoti, just this evening made comments about how it is the poor people who will suffer if we do anything about global warming. I wonder if he's willing to go to Pakistan and India and tell that to the families of the people who died?

But, that's not the end of it. The EPA is now estimating heat waves will kill over 12,000 people per year by 2100. And, that is just in the United States. 12,000 PER YEAR!  By the way, the rich people will simply turn up the air conditioner, so guess who will be doing the dying?

As Pope Francis said in his encyclical, it is the poor people of the world who are suffering from climate change the most.


  1. The magisterium in Rome is not nearly so opaque as that in Fox headquarters.

  2. Since the Pope does have a degree in Chemistry one can assume that he is fairly knowledgeable about the effects of excessive Co2 on our climate. And he's certainly intelligent enough to make an educated statement about it. Republican Congressmen on the other hand, usually seem bereft or any scientific knowledge, and would rather bring snow balls onto the floor of Congress, to sum up all they think we need to know. When they also know squat about what is happening to the climate it's especially heinous to accuse others with more extensive knowledge about it, of not knowing the truth!

    The fact is that, what motivates them is hope for the continued dominance of fossil fuels which are seen as representing an endless money tree, so they must demonize climate scientists and anyone else that disputes their ideology if they want to maintain the effectiveness of the lies they tell. But rather than losing out to some alleged socialist or fascist plot to control the energy supplies of the future, businessmen will need to refocus on where and how to invest capital investments of the future. Companies like Exxon Mobil could easily do the same, but as Obama pointed out---the demon we know is better than the demon we don't. So,the Oil companies are really running scared while fearing the loss, or reduction, of their lucrative salaries. More likely than anythings else, Capitalism will not disappear but will rather need to re--focus its capital investments on the latest technologies that are likely to yield more money for them than they invested, and will increase their earning in return.

    The basis or our economies has always changed over time, the oil companies need to conform or else, place all of the rest of us in danger. I sure hope some sense will eventually enter their heads, and reduce the need for their outrageous and false propagnada.