Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Obama on Climate Change

One of the great ironies of comments I receive from deniers is how they accuse me of being a liberal and a supporter of Obama because I accept the science. The truth is I'm actually quite conservative on many issues (especially fiscal and defense matters). And, I've never made a secret of my dislike of Obama as POTUS. Claiming I must be a liberal because I accept the science is one more example of the flawed logic of deniers. I can be conservative without hating science. Oh, by the way, I am liberal on some other issues, such as education, equal rights, and the environment, to name a few.

So, I was quite surprised to see Obama's speech on climate change and found it very informed and right on the spot. If Obama will continue on this path of fighting climate change he will salvage part of his legacy. Well, maybe.

See his speech here.

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