Saturday, March 5, 2016

More Americans Support Science on Global Warming

I read an article in the Texas Climate News this week and found what they said to be encouraging. On the issue of addressing climate change, the University of Texas Energy poll found there was "extremely wide support for such climate action in the U.S."

When provided several statements describing possible U.S. roles in addressing global climate change and asked which one best reflects their own opinion, 48% of the respondents selected one of the three following statements:

  • Twenty-seven percent chose this statement: “Because the U.S. is a global leader, it should set an example by doing more than other nations.”
  • Eleven percent selected this one: “The U.S. has a moral obligation to act and should do more than other nations.”
  • And 10 percent said this statement best reflected what they think: “Because the U.S. has contributed disproportionately more emissions, it should do more than other nations.”
Additionally, the largest single group, consisting of 43% of the respondents, picked the statement, “Climate change is an urgent threat and all countries need to take action equally.” That comes out to 91% of the respondents supporting action to address climate change. Only 2% selected "Do nothing."

Are the American people finally catching up with the rest of the world on this issue? It would be about time, if they are. Now, if we could get people to vote that way this fall, maybe Congress would get the message and start taking action.

We can dream, can't we?

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