Monday, September 19, 2016

New Book: Purple Legion

My second novel has been accepted for a publishing campaign on KindleScout. After 30 days, they will look at the book and the number of times it was nominated for publication to decide if they will accept it for publication.

Roger Tucci is dying from HPV caused throat cancer and turns to his friend, Patricia Kennealy to manage his business interests once he becomes unable to do so. What she didn't know was how much of mess it would be and that he would be leaving her to figure it all out on her own. Unfortunately, it threatens to take everything she and her family owns.

Purple Legion is not a book for everyone.There is no explicit sex, but it is discussed throughout the book and you know it's going on. It was a lot of fun writing this book and I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out and my beta readers have made very nice comments about it. If you would like to see the first 5000 words and nominate it for publication, visit the campaign page:

Purple Legion

Thanks for those of you who take the time.

Oh, by the way, if it gets published, everyone who nominated it will get a free copy from Kindle.

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