Thursday, January 5, 2017

Insurance Company Warns About Climate Change

The weather is getting more extreme. This is a fact, no matter how many times certain people try to deny it. Last year alone, there was about $175 billion in damages due to natural disaster. Approximately $31 billion of that was due to earthquakes in Japan, which leaves $144 billion attributed to other causes, including floods, hurricanes and other weather extremes. There would be weather extremes even without climate change, but the situation is getting worse due to uncheck climate change.

Who said this? Not some climate scientist. Not a environmental activist. Not even Al Gore. This message came from the German insurance firm Munich RE, one of the largest reinsurance companies in the world. The head of the corporate Geo Risks Research Unit, Peter Höppe, stated,
The weather catastrophes of 2016 show the potential effects of unchecked climate change. There are now many indications that certain events -- such as persistent weather systems or storms bringing torrential rain and hail -- are more likely to occur in certain regions as a result of climate change,"
 It's not new to see insurance companies issue warnings about climate change. They've been doing so for years.

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