Sunday, June 15, 2014

Obama Is Right On This One

There is precious little that I agree with Obama on, but this is one of them. Addressing the graduating class at University of California - Irvine, Obama said in the commencement address that deniers are ignoring science. This has been my claim for some time, now. In fact, the premise of my book is that there is so much evidence supporting man made global warming that anyone can prove it now. The only way you can deny global warming now is to ignore science.

So, I guess I could say Obama is actually agreeing with me because I said it first. Either way, it is a true statement and am prepared to debate the science with any denier. And, I might point out that no denier has been willing to take either $10,000 challenge or my $1000 challenge. Of course, the reason is because they can't. You can't get into a scientific debate when you ignore the science.

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