Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Guest Post: Harris' article reveals the underhanded lies he utilizes to mislead the public

The following submission from Terry is a review of a recent article by Tom Harris, the paid shill of the fossil fuel industry. Additionally, the submitter also shared a letter to the editor he submitted concerning Harris' campaign of deceit and the response from that editor.

TOM HARRIS MISLEADS AND LIES TO THE PUBLIC IN HIS ARTICLE when he falsifies findings from the site "My World global survey". (http://data.myworld2015.org/)

Tom writes...
"For most of the world, and especially those in developing nations, the message is clear: in comparison with access to reliable energy and clean water, better health care, government honesty, a good education, and protecting forests, rivers and oceans, climate change is not important." Note Harris asserts that in comparison with other issues, climate change is not important for "ESPECIALLY THOSE IN DEVELOPING NATIONS".

Let's head to the site Harris is making reference to. Here we find the "Segments Map". It reveals the group with the highest level of priority for "action on climate change" is revealed to be, low and behold, those with very high HDI, i.e. THE DEVELOPING NATIONS...the exact opposite of Harris' claim that "climate change is not important" for developing nations.

Look further and you will see this site lists "action on climate change" IS of more importance in developing nations than reliable energy at home which is the exact opposite of Harris' claim that this site reveals climate change is NOT of more importance in developing nations than reliable energy. 

This site also reveals developing nations consider "action on climate change" is more important than better job opportunities, political freedom, support for people who can't work, phone and internet access and better transport and roads. This is quite the opposite of Tom's claim that "climate change is not important", especially in developing countries.

This site reveals developing nations who have the highest level of priority for "action on climate change" also have the highest level of education. This proves once again, the more educated individuals are, the more they understand the importance of controlling greenhouse gas emissions.

Harris lied and falsified UN findings from a site regarding the importance of action on climate change in developing nations, in order to promote his AGW denier convictions.


The article "Letter-writer’s group has dubious backers" by Austin Irish, regarding climate change denier has spurred Tom Harris to posts that he plans to contact you about it being "misleading and insulting".  

Sometimes the truth hurts.  The article contains only a small bit of disturbing truth about Tom Harris and his ties to the fossil fuel energy, so I hope this article will remain rather than be removed due to Tom's objections.

In one of his videos he tells the crowd to contact all newspapers he has published articles in to contact the editors and give fake reviews about how much they like articles by Tom Harris. He says this is to counteract the many complaints by those who know and understand the real science proving global warming is caused by human activity which is supported by 97% of climate scientists globally. He also censors others by flagging their comments to his articles when they contain truthful information he dislikes. 

Tom Harris is paid to contact the international media with his pseudoscience ridden articles about global warming. His intention is to influence the public and politicians, with the goal of putting a stop to attempts at controlling green house emissions, stating it is too expensive. This is terrifyingly dangerous since the subject matter involves the future of our planet.

The news is supposed to share the truth to the public. Each time Tom Harris is published, the newspaper involved is sharing dangerous lies and pseudoscience, flying against their policies of only sharing the truth to its readers.



Please don't worry about me taking down any stories.  I believe in climate change and could care less what Tom Harris thinks of me.  The letter to the editor stands as do the comments.

Thanks for writing.  I would be happy to talk with you if you would like more discussion.

With respect,

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