Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Harris is Wrong. Manmade CO2 Is Pollution

Another Harris series of lies and deceptions was published under the title Misleading Clean Power Plan fueled climate deception.

Harris espouses a number of false arguments and deceitful statements in his attempt to make the Clean Power Plan appear as invalid. He fails. His first failure (other than how he can't seem to write 'CO2' correctly) is to cite the NIPCC. This is a pseudoscience group that has been completely debunked on numerous occasions (Here is a good place to start: Not the IPCC (“NIPCC”) Report). Citing the NIPCC is like citing your horoscope in the daily paper. They're equally scientific and equally valid. 

He also uses another one of his false arguments, stating that the Paris Agreement will do nothing to address climate change, implying it is of no value. This is false because we are locked into a great deal of climate change simply because of the emissions already in the atmosphere. You know, the same emissions Harris' bosses made a mountain of money selling. There is nothing we can do about those emissions and there is nothing we can do about the climate change they will cause. We're stuck. However, we can address future emissions and future amounts of change and that is what the Paris Agreement was designed to address. So, why didn't Harris mention all of that?

Stunningly, he then uses Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte as a leader to follow. For the record, Duerte has been implicated in the deaths of thousands, has compared himself to Hitler, stated he regrets he did not participate in the rape and murder of a lay minister and said he has thrown people out of a helicopter. Harris has a strange choice in role models. He has even had his articles reprinted in North Korea and Uzbekistan. Meaning, he has been endorsed by two of the most despotic regimes in the world and thinks we should follow Duterte's lead. Ask yourself, is this really someone you want to be taking advice from?

Harris basic claim is that carbon dioxide is not a pollutant because it is produced naturally and plants consume it. This, of course, is as misleading and deceptive as you can get. No one is discussing naturally produced carbon dioxide, so why is Harris? What we are discussing is the CO2 coming from factories and automobiles and that is most certainly not naturally produced. And, the amount of CO2 produced by manmade activities is more than what the natural environment can absorb, meaning the CO2 level keeps going up every year.

The greatest deception Harris makes is the claim that we shouldn't worry about CO2 because it is plant food. Well, raw sewage is also plant food. It has been used as fertilizer in some countries for thousands of years. And yet, I don't know anyone who would want it in their yard or water. If someone came and dumped a bunch of raw sewage in Harris' front yard, I'm sure he would, quite correctly, call it pollution. Saying CO2 is not pollution because plants absorb it is lie. But, that is what Harris does. 

Here is another review of Harris' deceptions:

Simply plant food? Simply not true

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